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Seatbelt Malfunction / Airbag Defects Law

Seatbelt Malfunction / Airbag Defects Attorney in Virginia Beach, VA

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When airbags or seat belts work improperly or fail to deploy, drivers and passengers can be seriously injured. Millions of vehicles have defective seat belt or airbag systems. Most people will never have to find out that their seat belt or airbag does not work properly, but for those unfortunate enough to come face to face with these failures, the outcomes can be serious.

Bennett & Sharp, PLLC is dedicated to helping persons who have sustained an injury due to a faulty seat belt or airbag. You, your friends or loved ones may not even be aware that serious injury or death resulted from the failure of those who manufacture or maintain these safety devices. The auto industry has known of these defects for many years and, unfortunately, few law firms are equipped with the knowledge and resources to evaluate these cases and bring the auto companies to justice.

If you or someone you know has sustained a serious or fatal injury as the result of a rollover accident or partial ejection from their vehicle, please call one of the attorneys at Bennett & Sharp, PLLC in order to determine if that tragedy could have been avoided. Auto companies know their rights and obligations. Make sure that you do as well.

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