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A concussion requires immediate diagnosis, treatment

If you suffer a blow to the head, it's critical to receive immediate medical treatment. Assuming that you can recover without medical advice is a mistake, as this could result in additional injuries that lead to long-term complications.

Your medical team can run a battery of tests to determine if you have a concussion (and its severity). These include:

  • Cranial computerized tomography (CT) scan
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Is surgery required to treat a traumatic brain injury?

The bad thing about a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is that it can alter your life in many ways. In addition to long-term health concerns, the most serious injuries can result in death.

On the positive side, there are treatment strategies for helping people deal with the impact of a TBI.

Nursing home abuse: Is anxiety a sign of poor care and neglect?

Many people in Virginia Beach do not realize the importance of monitoring their elderly loved ones for anxiety and other mental disorders, especially if a loved one lives in a nursing home and suffers from medical conditions. Anxiety does not always develop from medication or old age. Anxiety often coincides with feelings of pain, trauma, abuse and danger, and it is common in people who live in long-term care residences. Those who end up in nursing homes often require assistance with daily needs and medication or suffer from diminished cognitive functions. This also makes them extremely vulnerable to anxiety in care facilities and nursing homes where abuse and neglect may occur.

Spotting the signs of abuse and neglect is not always easy when dealing with those with anxiety or depression. However, such signs can help family members pinpoint hazards or actions that endanger their loved one’s life and well-being. Here are a few issues that anxiety can highlight in nursing homes:

There is more than one type of nursing home abuse

There may come a time when you realize that a loved one is better off in a nursing home. This is a difficult decision to make, but you do so because you want what's best for the person.

Even if you do all your homework upfront, there could come a time when you suspect abuse and neglect. It's important to understand the four primary types of abuse:

  • Physical abuse: This is exactly what it sounds like. Bruises, broken bones and abrasions could be a sign that something may be going on.
  • Emotional abuse: This includes everything from harassment to overmedication to isolation.
  • Neglect: This can cause things such as falls, malnutrition, bedsores and dehydration.
  • Sexual abuse: This type of abuse can happen at the hands of other residents or staff.

Nursing home accidents can lead to facial injuries

Accidents at nursing homes can cause a wide range of injuries for residents. This includes facial injuries. Such injuries can get very serious. Unfortunately, there are a fair number of U.S. nursing home residents who end up suffering significant facial injuries. This can be seen in a study from last year.

The study looked at nationwide emergency department data covering 2011 to 2015. From this review, it determined that, during this period, 109,795 nursing home residents over 60 suffered facial injuries that required emergency room care.

How helpful is rehabilitation for someone with TBI?

Traumatic brain injuries are common results of vehicle crashes. A driver may hit his head on the steering wheel; a passenger could strike her head on the dashboard.

Rehabilitation is a lengthy process for people with a TBI. There are major milestones to be met along with the constant repetition of basic activities that must be relearned.

What are the most common motorcycle crash injuries?

You might think that head injuries are at the top of the list when motorcycle crashes occur. Certainly, they are very common among riders of all ages.

However, there are other injuries that happen more often, and a popular actor suffered one of these when he became the victim of a car-motorcycle crash.

Traumatic brain injury FAQs

What is a traumatic brain injury?

A TBI occurs when there is damage to your brain because of forceful contact. There are different types of TBIs, including:

  • Contusion: An impact causing bleeding on your brain.
  • Penetrative injury: An object piercing your skull and entering your brain.
  • Diffuse axonal injury: When there are tears in your brain structure due to rotational or shaking forces.
  • Concussion: Damage caused by a violent shaking of your head or a blow to your head.

Nursing home patients are vulnerable to medication errors

If your loved one is in a nursing home or assisted-living facility, you depend on the staff to provide the best care.

You cannot always be on hand to make sure staff administers medication properly, but it is important to understand how errors can happen and try to head off possible problems.

Do not underestimate the severity of rear-end crash injuries

You may be stopped at an intersection waiting for the light to change, when suddenly another vehicle strikes yours from behind. While you feel a bit shaken up, you may think there is no physical damage.

A rear-end collision is the most common kind of crash, and many drivers sustain only minor injuries. However, severe injuries can occur, and they are not always apparent at the time of the accident.

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