Spinal Cord Injuries

When you are involved in a car accident, you might be fortunate enough to escape without any serious injuries. Wearing seat belts, having a car with air bags and other factors may help you to avoid the most traumatic injuries. Unfortunately, while they have greatly decreased auto accident fatality rates, these safety measures are not enough to prevent all injuries. Among the most serious injuries suffered in car crashes are spinal cord injuries.

With more than 60 years of legal experience, the attorneys of Bennett & Sharp, PLLC, have represented clients in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and throughout the Hampton Roads region in personal injury cases involving paralysis and spinal cord injuries. Attorneys Carlton Bennett and Kevin Sharp are authorities on traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury cases, which means your case will be handled with skills and knowledge that few other law firms can bring to the table.

We Help You See The Big Picture

The severity of a spinal cord injury can vary as much as the people who suffer them. Some injuries may cause temporary numbness or tingling in the hands or feet; others could lead to permanent paralysis and complete loss of use of some or all of a person's limbs. Regardless of what your prognosis might be, the law firm of Bennett & Sharp, PLLC, works with you to have your injuries properly assessed so that you can seek an appropriate amount of compensation for your spinal cord injury.

Aside from medical bills and income lost due to missing work, you might be forced to go on disability or retrain for a different job based on your physical limitations. These are all expenses for which you could seek compensation. Our lawyers will help you to understand the long-term impact of your injuries and how to plan for them in the future.

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