Nursing Home Malpractice

The choice to place a loved one in a nursing home is challenging, and you take your choice of nursing home very seriously. Whichever facility you select, you trust it to ensure that your loved one is safe, healthy and happy during his or her stay.

Unfortunately, not every nursing home lives up to your trust and expectations. Nursing home negligence resulting in serious injury or death is much more common than it should be. When it occurs, the consequences can be tragic for your family. If you worry that your loved one is the victim of nursing home negligence, you should be able to hold the guilty party accountable and ensure that they pay for any damages for your family member. In the Virginia Beach area, working with the law firm of Bennett & Sharp, PLLC, can help you to make a nursing home negligence claim for serious injuries and death.

Your Loved One Deserves To Be Protected

Nursing homes are required to protect their patients, but if they don't hire enough staff members or fail to appropriately train their staff members, your loved one might pay the price for their negligence.

At Bennett & Sharp, PLLC, we have several experts on staff, including a legal nurse consultant who can offer advice and a clear perspective on nursing home negligence that results in serious injury or death. Our attorneys and support staff use all the available evidence to make a strong case for your loved one to get full financial compensation.

Our lawyers deal with all types of nursing home injuries, from issues like pressure sores, falls, sexual abuse and overmedicating to situations where a facility is improperly secured, allowing a resident to wander and leave the building, putting them at risk of injury. Whatever type of experience you are going through, we have helped clients through similarly challenging circumstances. We are here to help and to represent you confidently, as we have for many other clients.

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