Distracted Driver Accidents

Many drivers on the road take for granted just how much they need to pay attention to their task. Any number of distractions can take away the focus necessary to be safe while on the road, and even a momentary lapse of attention can lead to disastrous consequences. The Virginia Beach law firm of Bennett & Sharp, PLLC, is committed to helping people injured in car accidents caused by distracted drivers.

While there are several things that can distract a driver, one of the most common — and easily preventable — sources of inattention is the cellphone. When we work on your distracted driving accident case, our attorneys will make a thorough investigation of the circumstances of the crash, including examining cellphone records of the distracted driver to show just how they were at fault at the time of the wreck.

There's No Such Thing As A Minor Distraction

While several states have increased penalties for drivers who use hand-held cellphones, this is not enough to put an end to the behavior. At any given time on a city street or interstate highway, it is not difficult to find drivers who are using their phones to send text messages, look at photos or read websites while their car is in motion.

Some studies have shown that drivers who are texting behind the wheel have similar reaction times to drivers who have been drinking. After a distracted driving crash, responses such as "I didn't see the car coming" or "It came out of nowhere" may indicate that a driver was looking down at a phone instead of paying attention to upcoming traffic and pedestrians.

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